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Adjusting or altering your hairstyle comes with a variety of options. Perms involve the use of heat or chemicals to wave or curl your hair, and often last for several months. Perms can spice up your physical appearance and open up all sorts of stylistic choices for you to try. Since perms can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process, you’ll want a qualified hair stylist to make sure you get the waves or curls you want.

We offer perms for hairstyles and types of all kinds! Whether your hair is straight and you’re looking to add some wavy flair, or if you’re looking to add even more character to your color-treated hair, we’ll get the job done! Perms are in vogue again – thanks to new technology, you can have your hair looking and feeling smoother and more beautiful than ever! No matter your hair type, we’ll get you fixed up!