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Hair Coloring

Wanting to experiment or deviate from your natural hair color is natural. Hair coloring is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of techniques, including highlighting, lowlighting, and splashlighting. Several different products, including dyes and shampoos, are also used. Since hair coloring can produce unintended results when self-applied, you’ll want a professional hair stylist to set you up with the hair color you want!

Rely on us to do your hair coloring! We offer permanent and temporary coloring options, so we can ready your hair for a costume fit or a dramatic new look! Our coloring products are safe and non-toxic, and we gladly carry natural and non-natural hair colors for our clients. Relax and chat with our friendly team of stylists! We believe that getting your hair done should be a pleasant, stress-free experience, so you can enjoy yourself while you wait for your eye-catching new hair color!