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Hair highlighting refers to any technique used to make a person’s hair lighter, and as such encompasses all sorts of methods. Balayage is one such method, which focuses on free-hand painting of highlights directly onto the hair, as opposed to traditional methods which use foil to wrap hair that has already been covered with color of choice. Balayage allows the stylist to choose which parts of the hair to individually highlight, leading to a natural, sun-kissed look.

We offer Balayage highlights for anyone looking for a natural-looking hair gradient! Our stylists are trained to cater to the needs of each guest and their hair, so whether you’re seeking an ombré or sombré style in your hair transitions, we’ll set you up with a coloring you’ll love. Our stylists will take great care in hand-painting your hair, and you can relax and chat while you wait. Your hair will come out more radiant than ever!